New Book: True Beauty

“Finally . . . the book I’ve been wishing someone would write—a book that helps women like me who obsess about our own beauty (or more accurately, our lack there-of) to the detriment of our souls and our witness to the beauty and sufficiency of Christ.” ~Nancy Guthrie

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May 22
To the Class of 2015: When Life Doesn’t Go as Planned
by Nicole Whitacre When my mom graduated from high school, she had a plan. She was going to Bible college. She resigned her job as a secretary for a Christian ministry, enrolled in school, and packed her bags. Then a few days before she was set to move,... Read More
May 14
A Mother’s Work is Never Done
by Nicole Whitacre Last Friday afternoon I was talking to my sister, Kristin, about parenting our boys. Four of them were competing in a soccer tournament the next day, and we were strategizing about how to help them grow in godly character—win or lose. (They lost, which provided... Read More
May 12
Book Recommendation: Hints for Parents by Gardiner Spring
by Nicole Whitacre One of the challenges of being a parent these days is the barrage of advice about what it means to be “a good parent.” It’s so easy to get so distracted by the ideals and methods of modern culture that we lose sight of the... Read More


Dear Spilled Milk, I’m really trying to laugh this time.