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FAM Club Testimony

Nicole Whitacre, 9/14/2011

With school starting and daily schedules getting more regular, fall is a great time to consider joining the FAM club. We got this encouraging email from a club member last week: Hello Girltalkers! I’ve been a part of the FAM club since the beginning of the year. I’ve been praying... Read More

Two FAM Club Stories

Nicole Whitacre, 12/29/2010

The FAM Club is all about praying and fasting one meal a week for the salvation of family members—whether they be children, parents, siblings, nieces or nephews. To encourage your participation, we have two stories to share with you. The first we received just the other day from Rachel: My... Read More

Join our Clubs in the New Year

Nicole Whitacre, 12/27/2010

Because this is the time to start to thinking about New Year’s resolutions, we want to remind you about our clubs. The 5 O’Clock Club is for those who want to rise early (it doesn’t have to be 5 O’clock, that’s just the name of the club) to meet with... Read More

Praying Work

Carolyn Mahaney, 3/08/2010

Nicole’s post from last week reminded me of what my long-time friend Nancy Loftness calls “praying work.” Nancy’s a woman who loves God’s Word, loves to pray, and deeply cares for people. When she found that she didn’t have time to pray for everyone she wanted to pray for during... Read More

How to Stay Awake During Prayer

Nicole Whitacre, 3/04/2010

Great news—Dawn’s kids aren’t in The 5 O’Clock Club anymore! Thanks so much again for answering my mail about the 5 O’Clock Club. Things have been going better. Thanks so much for the phone under the pillow idea. I have also worked on not stepping on the top step of... Read More

What God Has Done

Carolyn Mahaney, 2/26/2010

Sunday concludes our 28-day challenge for the 5 O’Clock Club and the FAM Club. As of today, we have 959 members of The 5 O’Clock Club and 378 members of The FAM Club. Even if you didn’t participate in the challenge, you can still join the clubs at any time.It’s... Read More

A Spiritual Highlight

Nicole Whitacre, 2/24/2010

A reader, also named Nicole, sent in this FAM Club testimony: Today has been such an amazing day. As a matter of fact, this week in general has been the highlight of my walk with the Lord (besides my conversion). I am always asking the Lord to reveal himself to... Read More

“Give not up thy prayers”

Carolyn Mahaney, 2/11/2010

Sometimes, we can grow weary of praying for our loved ones. We get discouraged, or begin to doubt God’s desire or ability to save. We must prepare for such temptations and be ready to fight for faith and persevere in prayer. Two wise pastors are here to help! A.W. Tozer... Read More

How Do I Find Time to Pray?

Nicole Whitacre, 2/10/2010

Here’s Karen’s second question: On a more practical note I find fasting a meal doesn’t gain me any time to pray. Meal times I usually eat with my kids (4 1/2 and 2) and even if I fast I still have to sit with them and supervise their meal -... Read More

How Do I Pray for the Unsaved?

Carolyn Mahaney, 2/09/2010

Karen sent us two great questions about The FAM Club. We’ll take the first one today: Hi girltalkers – I have just had my first time of prayer and fasting as part of the FAM club and I have to admit to finding myself a little perplexed. I am struggling... Read More

Fighting Laziness & Pursuing Holiness

Nicole Whitacre, 2/04/2010

This morning we received an email from one new club member, Kristin. Here’s a snippet: Today is the second day for me in the 5 AM Club. By God’s grace, I have not hit the snooze yet, and that is a HUGE deal for me…seriously. I was so excited about... Read More

How to Stay in the Clubs

Carolyn Mahaney, 2/03/2010

So it’s day three of the 28-day challenge. How’s it going? Are you on your third cup of coffee and thinking about getting an espresso machine? Is your stomach complaining so loudly you can hardly hear yourself pray? Do you wonder how you can keep this up for 28 days,... Read More

Thanks for Joining Us!

Nicole Whitacre, 2/02/2010

When we called each other at 4:45 am yesterday morning to prepare to open the clubs, we didn’t know what to expect. “What if it flops and no one signs up?” we wondered. “And why do we always launch new stuff so early?” Janelle asked in her groggy morning voice... Read More

Join Our Clubs

Janelle Bradshaw, 2/01/2010

UPDATE, 9:00 am: Wow! We’re thrilled that so many of you are joining the clubs! Due to the overwhelming traffic on our site, we’ve experienced a few technical glitches. Unfortunately, only a small fraction of entries are showing up at the moment. We’re so sorry! But signup is working and... Read More

Friday Funnies and Monday Prizes

Nicole Whitacre, 1/29/2010

So, Monday’s the big day. Club signup will begin at 5 O’Clock am (EST) and if you’re taking the 28-day challenge, be sure to set your alarm (2 or 3 if need be) for whatever early time you want to get up! The way we figure it, after 28 days... Read More

Two FAM Club Stories

Nicole Whitacre, 1/28/2010

First, to clarify: sign up for the clubs begins on Monday, along with the 28-day challenge. Monday morning we will direct you to a new page on the site with a sign-up form and all the information. Of course you can sign up for the clubs any day after Monday... Read More

Coming Soon…

Nicole Whitacre, 1/25/2010

To cap off our sitting series, we’re excited to announce a new feature here at girltalk. Next Monday, February 1, we will officially launch our two clubs: The 5 O’Clock Club and The FAM Club. The 5 O’Clock Club is for those who want to rise early (it doesn’t have... Read More

FAM Club Finale

Janelle Bradshaw, 1/25/2008

Today concludes our series of FAM Club posts. But The FAM Club has only just begun. How excited we are that so many of you are eager to join us in fasting at least one meal a week for the purpose of praying for members of your family! We look... Read More

Augustine’s Mother

Kristin Chesemore, 1/24/2008

The most famous of all praying mothers is probably Monica, the mother of Augustine. She has encouraged women for centuries to persevere in praying for their children, and her example can inspire us today as we pray for our family members. Jabez Burns (in the book Mom is reading, Mothers... Read More

Our Stimulus to Persevering Prayer

Carolyn Mahaney, 1/23/2008

The FAM Club is all about fasting for the purpose of praying for our family. The state of our family members’ souls before God should drive us to prayer and fasting. We don’t fast and pray so our kids will get better grades or win the big game on Saturday... Read More

A Praying Mother

Carolyn Mahaney, 1/22/2008

This story from a book I am currently reading—Mothers of the Wise and Good by Jabez Burns—is a wonderful complement to the testimonies we heard yesterday. May this story of a woman who lived many years ago encourage us that it is never too late to begin fasting and praying... Read More

FAM Club Alum

Nicole Whitacre, 1/21/2008

We’re thrilled that so many of you are eager to join the FAM Club. We can’t wait to hear testimonies of answered prayer and changed hearts as together we practice this grace-filled discipline. Some of the most encouraging emails we’ve received in the past few weeks have been from women... Read More

FAM Club Qualified

Janelle Bradshaw, 1/18/2008

A lot of you moms out there who are pregnant or nursing have written to ask about fasting in this season of motherhood. Of course you shouldn’t fast! We’re not medical doctors here at girltalk, but this much we know: pregnant and nursing women shouldn’t be skipping meals. Growing babies... Read More

No More Fasting

Nicole Whitacre, 1/17/2008

“And Jesus said to them, “Can the wedding guests fast while the bridegroom is with them? As long as they have the bridegroom with them, they cannot fast. The days will come when the bridegroom is taken away from them, and then they will fast in that day.” Mark 2:19-20... Read More

A Perfect Reward

Carolyn Mahaney, 1/16/2008

“And when you fast, do not look gloomy like the hypocrites, for they disfigure their faces that their fasting may be seen by others. Truly, I say to you, they have received their reward. But when you fast, anoint your head and wash your face that your fasting may not... Read More

A Timely Reminder

Nicole Whitacre, 1/15/2008

Fasting for our families invites God’s grace, strengthens our prayers, and testifies of our desperate need for God. But it also, quite simply, reminds us to pray. Here’s Iain Duguid again: “If we find that we are forgetful to pray for a particular need, fasting will remind us to pray... Read More

A Desperate Need

Nicole Whitacre, 1/14/2008

“In biblical times, fasting was a normal means of expressing contrition for sin and dependence upon God in the face of difficulty….Fasting continues to be an appropriate response for overwhelming difficulties in our lives…it is appropriate for us to fast and seek the Lord’s face…reminding ourselves that our normal state... Read More

An Earnest Prayer

Carolyn Mahaney, 1/11/2008

Without a purpose, fasting can be a miserable experience. Therefore, whenever we fast, we should do so for a spiritual purpose. Now there are many reasons for fasting given in Scripture. In chapter nine of Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, Donald Whitney actually comes up with no fewer than... Read More

A Feast of Grace

Carolyn Mahaney, 1/10/2008

I like a wide variety of foods. My husband on the other hand likes only a few foods – lobster and chocolate top his short list of favorites. I really like to eat. CJ doesn’t care that much about eating, unless of course, lobster or chocolate are being served. It’s... Read More

The FAM Club

Carolyn Mahaney, 1/09/2008

Several years ago we created a Mahaney-family club, which we call The 5 AM Club. It involves rising early for the purpose of consistently meeting with God over his Word and in prayer. In January of 2006, we decided to brave it and invite you, our readers, to join our... Read More

FAM Club Testimonies

"Welcome to the club!” I was excited to read your blog today! You are embarking on a wonderful, rewarding new “club”. My husband, Nick, and I have been using our day off together for the past couple of year to fast and pray for our family, close friends and their families as well as other needs that come to mind during our prayer time. We have had numerous answers to those prayers and continue to look for more. How wonderful it will be to know that there are many, many other families involved in seeking our Father in this way and seeing the results of those prayers!


I was so encouraged by your blog about starting a FAM club. I just wanted to share with you what the Lord has taught me about fasting and prayer. Years ago I heard that Shirley Dobson fasted every Thursday for her family. I was inspired by her example but I also love to eat, besides I have been either pregnant or nursing so I didn't even consider it a possibility. About a year and a half ago I read John Piper's book entitled Hunger for God. The Lord really used Piper's teaching to give me a greater vision for fasting. Since then, He has really helped me (and I mean REALLY helped me, because I do struggle with gluttony!) to faithfully fast and pray for my husband, children, and church. I cannot express to you how much I now view fasting as a true grace from God. The Lord has been so incredibly kind to meet my meager sacrifice of food to deepen my relationship with Him. Once again the Lord has given me so much more than I could have ever thought or imagined... greater love and gratitude for Him. So thank you for being sensitive to the Holy Spirit and encouraging other ladies into this wonderful practice.


My Mum fasted one lunchtime a week throughout my and my brothers' childhoods and I know we all benefited from it. We all came to know God at very early ages (around 4 years of age) and none of us wavered from our walk, even in our teens. I know that that is partly the great example my parents were, and the way they brought us up, but I have always said that I would fast in the same way for my family. Sadly, breastfeeding etc. stopped it and as my twins turned 3 last week, I have not started fasting. I am SO grateful for your nudge and will gladly join you all in your weekly fasts. I want my children to have an even greater walk with God than the one He has given me.


I was first introduced to the spiritual discipline of fasting as a college student. A dear friend, Jane, had returned to school at the start of our junior year, having "decided" over the summer that she no longer wanted to walk with God! After Jane informed us of this disheartening information, another friend, Linda, and I committed to fasting one day a week and praying for Jane. Each Wednesday during our last two school years we pleaded for her before the Throne of Grace. Graduation came, and we had yet to see the fruit of our prayers. After graduation, the three of us returned to our respective parents' homes (or to grad school) in 3 different states. A couple of years passed, and Linda and I tried to encourage one another via letter to remain steadfast in our faithfulness to fast and pray on Jane's behalf. I received letters from Jane occasionally, confessing her immoral relationship with her non-Christian boyfriend. In the midst of her sinful lifestyle, she seemed so far away from God. At times it was discouraging to hear, but I was quickly reminded that God's arm was not so short that He could not save Jane. I knew that He alone had the power to change Jane's heart, and that I was called to continue to stand in the gap for her. Several years after our graduation, God in His unsurpassed mercy and kindness drew Jane back to Himself! She responded to the Spirit's conviction with repentance and faith, broke up with her boyfriend, and joined a Bible-believing church. She eventually married a godly man and began raising a family. For the next decade or so I saw Jane only a handful of times, but we stayed in touch, mainly via holiday letters. She seemed to be doing well in her walk with the Lord. Then her letters stopped, and for several years I heard nothing from Jane. I was busy raising my own children, and for awhile I didn't think too much about what might be happening with her. Eventually, however, I began to sense in the Spirit that something was wrong and that Jane was in need of prayer. After some time I learned from Linda that Jane's husband had turned away from God, and had left Jane and their children in order to pursue an adulterous relationship with a co-worker. He eventually divorced Jane and re-married. Needless to say, Jane was devastated and heartbroken and, according to Linda, ashamed to let her old college friends know what had happened. I tried for more than two years to get back in contact with Jane and finally was able to reconnect with her late last year. Though her circumstances are very difficult, she is leaning on the Lord with tenacious faith and is trusting Him to sustain her as she tries to raise her children alone. Since renewing our correspondence, I've sensed that God was calling me to once again fast and pray--this time on her ex-husband's behalf. Enter the FAM club! (Perfect timing!) I will be fasting and praying for my husband's and my unsaved relatives as well. I am encouraged to know that hundreds of other saints will be joining me, and look forward to hearing many testimonies of God's redeeming grace.

C. S.

I've never really understood how 'fasting' works until it was made so simple & yet so empowering when I read what Nicole wrote in 'A Timely reminder' on Jan 15,2008. Ever since then, I've been excited to fast & pray! Each time the hunger pangs come when I fast, I quickly pray "Lord, I need YOU to help (this family member) love YOU, more than I need food now." "Lord, I need YOU to help me TRUST that YOU are able & eager to help (x), more than I need food now." I never knew what a blessing 'hunger pangs' can be! They've served to remind me ever so persistently during the fast, that we need GOD! Here's the good news! I've been fasting for my brother since then & what a joy it is to finally see the fruits! God has blessed him lately with a godly Christian brother mentor, he's started doing daily devotions, & to me as a sister, what a joy it is because our relationship as a brother-sister has grown close! This year, I'm excited to fast for another family member. & I've invited my mom to join me! By God's grace, we'll see yet another breakthrough in HIS time.


Praise the Lord for today's post. I had gotten my family set with their meal and my mind was turned to who I was going to be praying for, and the thought came to check what the Girls posted today. I am so glad I did ! I was wondering the same thing that Karen asked. Thanks,Karen. I need a focus point. So I made a printout and I will have it in my Bible and will add new scripture I find to it. I'm off to pray now! -Kirstie

Kirstie Hansel

Today has been such an amazing day. As a matter of fact, this week in general has been the highlight of my walk with the Lord (besides my conversion). I am always asking the Lord to reveal himself to me, "Lord show me who you are, show me your glory." I really believe the Lord has answered those prayers many times, but I haven’t always been paying attention. On this 28-day FAM Club challenge, I am just in amazement of what the Lord has revealed to me. Its amazing what fasting does--this week I have been so sensitive to so many things in my life due to this time of discipline and prayer. Just last night, as I was fighting away hunger pains and trying to go to sleep, I begin to pray for my family, calling some by name, some not. About 30 minutes later, I get a text around one o’clock in the morning from a cousin I was just praying for! She begins to share with me how she is running from the Lord and really wants to become a Christian. I am in awe. The Lord hears my prayers! I know every case may not work out in this way, but mine did. The Lord revealed himself again, except this time I was so focused on prayer and fasting, that I was sensitive to pay attention. I shared the gospel with her again and invited her to come hang out with me and another young girl whom I meet with for Bible study. It was neat to see her today, I have not seen her in 8 years! I shared my testimony of what my life was really like before Christ and even heard her story of wanting to walk with the Lord and not knowing how to let go of all of her competing loves. Oh, please pray she would be set free by knowing the truth—that God can change her, she can’t change herself! We spent hours talking, even after Starbucks was closed. God has indeed reminded me that His arm is not to short to save. He has a plan for my cousin’s life. I can’t wait to watch it unfold!


i will like to be in your fam club


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